When was the last time you truly listened to your heart? To that loving and caring voice that whispers to you what you need, what you long for and what you wish for? Life on Earth is so short. How do you want to spend your time here? What legacy do you want to leave behind? What do you want to experience, and how do you want to be remembered? In our retreats, the overall theme is “How to follow your heart”.
That’s what we believe is truly important. 


At our farm (gård) you’ll meet yourself. In the quiet stillness, a hideaway from citylife, a sanctuary for both people and animals. Here you’ll find no stress and no expectations on you. The focus is on just being, listening to your heart and connecting with all that is.

Welcome to us!

Meet the animals

There are nine goats and four horses on our farm. And the wild animals that we can‘t keep count of…Here we let them live a life as natural as possible. Without expectations from us humans. Just being allowed to be a horse or a goat. We don’t ride our horses, and we don’t demand any milk from the goats. We just let them be who they are.

We know that meeting animals is a deeply healing experience. In their presence, we’ll reach into our own heart. In their presence everything is just as it should be. When you visit us, you meet the animals on their terms. They will mirror you and your needs so that you’ll get in touch with your heart, and what’s truly important to you.  


Ida is a trained coach and a licensed Mental Trainer, specialised in personal development with the support of animals and nature. When you book a retreat with us she’ll share with you some of all the knowledge and experience she has gathered through the years.

Coaching can be about many things, but our focus is always to help you understand how you can follow your own heart.

Together we’ll identify the tools you need to turn your attention inwards. What is important for you, right now in your life? What do you want more of? What do you want to put behind you? How can you reduce the every day stress, so that you have time to really experience all that life has to offer?  What do you need to make your dreams come true?

empathic leadership

Johan's long Experience from the Swedish Airforce, in combination with his deep love for animals has resulted in us both developing a concept for the empathic leader. This is a leadership philosophy that is anchored in your heart. How can you follow your heart in your leadership? Together with us you'll explore that question in a beautiful environment, toghether with the animals who immediately give you feedback on what's working and not. 

the nature

Our farm is surrounded by 80 beautiful acres (33 hectares) with forests, meadows and the lake. The mountain is always there, holding space for us all. The healing powers of nature is palpable in every breath. Come with us on a hike, a forest bath or an outdoor meditation. Let's sit down and breathe.
Just breathe. 


 When you book a retreat with us, you can also choose to stay with us overnight. Either in our farmhouse "Mormors" (which means "Grandma's" in Swedish"), or you might choose to sleep under the stars with us.

In "Mormors" we offer double rooms and a joint shower and toilet room. The beds are comfy with linnen bedding to ensure that you'll sleep really well. Breakfast is always included.


To sleep outdoors under the stars is a unique experience. You'll be as close to nature as you possibly can. We'll hang our hammocks in one of the groves near the farm. You'll bring your own sleeping bag and pillow, and we'll provide what else necessary.

Our hammocks have sleeping mats and reindeer skin. When the sun is down and the camp fire is out, our guess is that you'll sleep deeply.


"Hjärtats Rum 💚 Järvsö" - a podcast on how to learn to follow your heart. The podcast is in Swedish, however there are a few special episodes in English, interviews with a couple of the worlds forefront women when it comes to personal development with the support of horses.