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Listen to your heart

Intuitive coaching

Sincere conversations on how to find way of living that brings meaning and joy. We help you ask yourself the big questions on what's important in life. What is it that you really want?

A session is 45 min for 60 Euro, VAT included

Meet us through video call or here at the farm

All our services is for your inspiration. We don't provide advice or recommendations. Any decision or choice you make in your life is your own responsibility. All our services is caring for the soul for healty humans. Our services cannot help physical or mental diseases. 


Happiness comes from within. When our soul and heart are in harmony, it reflects in our surroundings. Let this be the year when you let yourself reach what you dream of. Everything begins with a first step. 



"Ida is amazing, like a fairy herself. The Tarot guidance was spot on. A magical session. Thank you! "
"A million thanks!!
Pure magic!"
"It's amazing how someone can help you to see what you feel on the inside, and the guidance that the cards can provide."
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