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1-day retreat

The beautiful nature that is a symbol for our county, Hälsingland, surrounds our farm. 82 acres of forest, lakes, meadows and mountains where the nature is nurtured as carefully as we care for the animals at our farm.


Here, you can step outside of time and let your mind wander freely. The animals at the farm will guide you to a deep connection with them and the nature that you likely never experienced before.


Meet animals and nature in a new way and find inspiration, brand new thoughts, insights, and a new outlook on life.

Discover your innermost dreams and how to make them come true

We welcome groups of 2-10 persons. We'll tailor the experience to your needs and if there are any physical limitations to consider. 


We guide you throughout your stay. There's time for conversation and talking about life's big and small questions. Or let's be silent and enjoy the presence of the horses, goats and the nature beings. Wherever you are in life is the starting point for this experience.

Challenge your beliefs about what's possible. Let your mind wander and let your dreams take flight. We are experienced coaches and work with the latest techniques and trainings.



Six horses and eight goats wander free on large pastures, groves and forest land. Meeting animals that are free from expectations and human demands is something completely different than meeting animals in stalls or round pens and paddocks.


Our animals appreciate our guests but participate as they choose. This creates a unique feeling of mutual trust. 

Those animals who show interest take part in planning each retreat. Their messages often gives completely unique insights in what's possible for us humans. 


When you book a retreat with us, you can also choose to add accommodation. Sleep comfortably in a nice bed in our guesthouse. Or challenge yourself to sleeping under the stars. You'll sleep safely on reindeer fur in our hammocks with mosquito nets. Just bring your own sleepingbag if you want to stay outdoors! 

When you sleep under the stars, the farm is within walking distance, but the experience is that it's only you and the starry sky. If you'd like to feel that you're not alone, we can stay outdoors too, close to your camp. 


1-Day Retreat, 190 EURO per person

(including VAT)

We welcome groups of 2-10 persons.

Arrive 09:00 AM

Depart 3:00 PM

Light lunch by the fire is included. Please let us know in advance of any allergies!

1-Day Retreat with overnight stay, 280 EURO per person

(including VAT)

We welcome groups of 2-10 persons.

Arrive 13:00 PM, day 1

Depart 11:00 AM, day 2


Light dinner by the fire and breakfast is included. Please let us know in advance of any allergies! 


You stay with us at your own risk. Please make sure you have your own insurance when meeting with our animals and the nature. All our services is caring for the soul for healty humans. Our services cannot help physical or mental diseases. 



Bring clothes for all kind of weather, and comfy shoes that can stand mud and wet ground.

If the weather gets really bad we have a cosy kitchen and living room in our guesthouse, where we can seek shelter from any sudden heavy rain or snowfall.

If the temperature drops benath -15 degrees Celsius, we offer free cancellation. You are of course still welcome to keep your reservation but the temperature would mean that the main part of your stay will be indoors. 


You visit us at your own risk. Please make sure you have the necessary insurance for staying with us and meeting the animals. Of course it's important that you follow our guidance and advice in meeting with the animals. You will not be allowed to visit the animals without us guiding you.

When you make a group reservation, there will be no other guests at the farm at the same time.

When you make a reservation for a date we've put out publicly, there will likely be more guests. Maximum number of participants is always 10 persons. 

You need to be 16 years or older to participate in our retreat or stay with us.

Reservation, changing or cancelling your reservation

Click the button "Make your reservation" below and let us know how many you are and if you want to come for the day or stay the night too. Also let us know which day/days you want to come.

We'll get back to you within 24 hours. Please check your spam-folder in case you don't find our reply.

You confirm your reservation by placing your payment.

You may cancel your reservation until seven days before your arrival with a full refund. Any later cancellation means you only get a 50% refund.

If you experience acute illness, you may of course cancel at any point with a full refund. Just provide your doctor's statement that you're unable to participate. 

Read more in our terms & conditions Fakta & Villkor



In our 1-day Retreat 09:00AM -3:00 PM we include Swedish "fika", that is coffee, tea, milk and cookies at arrival and before departure. We also include a light lunch that we make together over open fire. Please let us know any food allergies when you make your reservation!

In our 1-day Retreat with overnight stay, 1:00 PM day 1 to 11:00 AM day 2, Swedish "fika" at arrival and departure is included, a light dinner that we make together over open fire, and a light breakfast. 

Breakfast includes coffee, tea, milk, gluten free bread, butter, cheese and boiled eggs. 

We aim to provide breathing space for both body and soul, so your stay with us is free from alcohol, smoking and any kind of non-medical drugs.

Staying at our Guesthouse

The beds are made with linnen duvet covers and soft pillows.  


The bathroom is very simple but clean. It provides a shower and a toilet and you'll also find towels, schampoo, conditioner and shower crème for your convenience.

We have six beds altogether - two double rooms and one open room. You decide within your group who sleeps where. No other people will have access to the guest house during your stay. 

Staying outdoors under the stars

We provide hammocks with mosquito nets, isolation mats and reindeer fur. Please bring your own sleeping bag and if you need a pillow. 

Of course, the bathroom in the guesthouse is available for you when you sleep outdoors. 


from our guest book...

"An amazing day. I came here with stress and energy blockings. I'm leaving with inner piece, keys to unlock what's stuck and a huge feeling of gratitude and a love for life itself. Thank you!"
"You and the animals have given us the most incredible insights and  care. I feel like I'm closer to myself now than before I came. "
"I want to thank all of the beautiful, loving animals... you helped me listen to my own heart. Thank you for holdingbolag space. Lots of love to all of you."
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