We believe in kindness and welcoming. You can visit us for a full day of experiences, or two days with our without an overnight stay. Choose between a sleepover in "Mormors", our farmhouse, or sleeping under the stars. No matter what choice you make we believe you'll have an unforgettable stay with us, in the serene surroundings and with the animals on our farm.

These will be days that your heart remembers for a long time.

We have two different retreats to choose from, "Nature retreat - Become one with nature" and "Follow your heart" (read more here). You choose which one and how long you want to stay with us. Check out the options below! Also read the reviews from our guests and see some pictures of previous retreats!

ONE DAY visit

You'll arrive around 9 AM and we'll have a cup of coffee/tea and talk about the day that lies ahead of us. Perhaps we adjust the schedule due to what's going on in your life. We always tailorize each visit for the one(s) visiting, to make sure you'll get the best possible experience.

If the weather allows, we spend as much time outside as possible. We'll reflect and talk about different topics close to your heart, and we'll meet the animals and the nature to get their guidance.

Lunch is served outside, if the weather is good - please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.

The day ends around 3 PM with coffee/tea, looking back at the events of the day. What insights will you bring with you back home? What will you do differently from now on?

You can visit us on your own or with friends or colleagues.  

A full day, per person including VAT, lunch outside and coffee/tea is 950 SEK.

Welcome to us!


Our two day retreat is based on the same Idea as the one-day retreat, but more! How we have time to go deep in the areas that are really important for you. Do you need guiding and tools on how to handle your stress? Change old thought patterns that keeps you from what you really.want? Find deep motivation and inspiration? We'll tailorize the experience to your needs.

Arrival day 1 at 9 AM
Day 2 08:00 - 11:30 AM.

Coffee/tea, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and coffee/tea on Sunday is included. Please let us know of any allergies in advance.

Two days with us is 1 490 SEK per person, VAT included.

You might also want to book your accommodation with us, for the two day retreat. You can choose to sleep comfortably in linnen bedding in our farmhouse "Mormors".

Or you can sleep under the stars with us, in our hammocks, equipped with sleeping mats and reindeer skins. Bring your own pillow and sleeping bag and we'll take care of the rest.

If you're a group visiting us, we can offer six beds in "Mormors" and four beds outdoors.

If you want to book an overnight stay with us, it's an addition of 600 SEK incl VAT, per person and night. It's possible to book two nights, arriving the evening before the first day of the retreat, for an addition of 1 200 SEK incl. VAT.

Welcome to us!

COACHING session

If you're not able to visit us, a coaching session online or by phone may be a good option.

Together, we'll look at your most pressing issues, to enable you to follow your heart. We use tools and techniques from coaching, mental training and NLP.

You might be surprised on the difference an hour of your life can make for all the days that follow!

Also... only your imagination limits what's possible in your life!

One coaching session with Ida is 689 SEK incl. VAT

A bundle of four coaching sessions is 2 200 SEK incl. VAT, which requires reservation and payment of all four sessions in advance.


empathic leadership

Our leadership philosophy originates in the heart. How can you follow your heart in your leadership? At our farm, you'll have the chance to explore that, in a wonderful environment with the animals giving you feedback on what works and not.

Leading from your heart means that you need a strong inner compass. A compass built on empathy and a deep understanding for those who you are to lead. That takes time and work to develop. More than anything you need time for reflection and deep thinking.

The empathic leadership focuses on how you and your team can reach your goals in a sustainable way. What values and priorities are important for you individually and as a team?

The emapthic leadership needs to run through the veins of both yourself as a leader and your team. With us, you'll learn more about self leadership as well as team development. Perhaps you'd like a little of everything, or you want to deep dive into something particular. We'll tailorize the program to your needs.

Both Johan and Ida have been through several leadership educations. With us, you'll feel safe to challenge your own limits. You'll dare to ask yourself the big questions. What is really possible when all boundaries are gone?

We'll offer you coaching both as a single leader or entire leadership teams. Together, we'll create a setting that's just right for you. Single session at our farm or by phone? A full day at our place in combination with single sessions? Perhaps a two-day kickoff followed by a few days spread over the year? The possibilities are limitless.

Reach out today and we'll find the right setup for you!

lyssna på vår podd

"Hjärtats Rum 💚 Järvsö" - a podcast on how to learn to follow your heart. The podcast is in Swedish, however there are a few special episodes in English, interviews with a couple of the worlds forefront women when it comes to personal development with the support of horses.


Our logotype shows the silhouette of the mountain "Vålåsberget", and the lake below, "Håknorrbosjön". It's the view from our kitchen window that we see every day, and we think it's the most beautiful place on Earth :-)

With a little bit of imagination, you'll see the similarity with the Yin- and Yang-syymbol, with the sun and the heart as the dots in the symbol. Here, we want you to experience balance and harmony. The stillness of heart.

The heart symbolizes our belief that it's so important to learn how to follow your own heart. Do you know how to listen to your heart? Follow your heart is or motto, and it permeates everything we do.

The Sun reprisens warmth and Happiness. It's important to have fun and it's important to feel welcome. We want you to experience exactly that when you come to us.

Last but not least, the outer circle represents freedom, one of our most important values. We stand completely free from any religion or organization.  At our place, you'll allowed to just be yourself. Whether you're human or animal.

Welcome to us!